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Major Attacks

PKK has committed many attacks against security officers and civilians, resulting in losses of many lives. Although the terrorist organization announces ceasefire fire from time to time, many of them later turned out to be no more than an attraction of public opinion as the terrorist organization many times reactivated its attacks somewhere in these so-called ceasefire periods. 

 There have been many violent activities and attacks which fall under the responsibility of the terrorist organization. PKK has carried out several terror attacks, targeting security forces as well as civilians since 1984, costing many lives including hundreds of women and children died in these attacks. Here are some recent examples of the urban attacks of the organization: 

 • The bus bombing by a remote controlled explosion in Diyarbakır, the southeastern city of Turkey on September 12, 2006, causing the death of 10 civilians who were mostly students and injuries of 17 civilians. 

 • A strong explosion in Istanbul on July 27, 2008, planned in such a way to occur some minutes after a previous small-scale explosion purposely done to attract more people to the scene to increase the causalities. This second explosion caused 18 civilian deaths and 154 injuries. 

 • A suicide attack in Istanbul on October 31, 2010 which resulted in the injuries of 15 police officers, 13 citizens, and 4 foreign individuals.