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Activities Abroad

 PKK terrorist organization started its activities abroad in 1986. But its vertical structure was completed in 2004, when European Kurdish Democratic Society Coordination (CDK) was established. 

 Before, several structures such as Kurdistan National Parliament (KUM) (1992), European Kurdish Associations Confederation (KON-KURD) (1993), Parliament for Kurdish in Exile (SKP) (1995) and Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) (1999) had been established for facilitating propaganda activities to create public opinion and it later became a matter to bring all those under one unified umbrella.

The terrorist organization is known to carry out its activities especially in European countries through several associations which are established under such concepts as cultural rights and freedoms, and what is mentionable, all obeying the national laws of countries. Here can be mentioned four connected associations: KNK and KON-KURD as mentioned above, KARSAZ (International Kurdish Businessmen Union) and HEYVA SOR A KURDISTAN (Heyva Sor) (Kurdish Red Crescent). 

 KNK was established in 1999 and is responsible for carrying out political propaganda in Europe. KNK has recently focused on a strategy to form a favorable public opinion for PKK and to take it out from the terror organizations lists made by the US and EU countries.

KARSAZ was established in 2001 in order to more systematically supervise financing activities and money transfer. Money laundering also is known to be among the activities. In CDK (Kurdish Democratic Society European Coordination) meeting held in August 2009, KARSAZ was decided to be dissolved, being replaced by another structuring, Cooperative (Merchants Union). 

 KON-KURD encompasses all federations, associations and unions. Affiliated side structures facilitate the terrorist organization’s propaganda and its financing activities, recruiting new members and establishing proper contacts with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). 

 Heyva Sor, also called Kurdish Red Crescent uses the rhetoric of humanitarian aid. Heyva Sor has been involved in providing medical equipment, financial support and new recruits. 

 Activities of PKK in Europe include also training activities, both ideological and practical. In one case, the “Anafartalar Bazaar” suicide attack in Ankara in 2006, in which nine people were killed, it was later found out that the offender had received its training in Europe, before coming to Turkey for the planned attack. 

 In addition to its network in Europe, PKK also tries to establish structures in Iraq, Syria, other Middle Eastern countries and in the Commonwealth of Independent States, tending to exploit the legal loopholes in these countries. 55 The armed wing of the terrorist organization and its recently established components are being directed from northern part of Iraq.