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 Hezbollah, a Turkish terrorist organization and not related with Lebanese Hezbollah, aims to demolish the secular regime to be replaced by another one based on religious rules by violence and force. 

 Structure of the Terrorist Organization 

 The terrorist organization basically composes of Leader, Council, Military and Political Wings. Council works as a kind of administrative board and is composed by senior members of the terrorist organization. Military wing carries out the armed actions of terrorist organization. And the activities of propaganda and gaining sympathizers are carried out by the political wing. 

 Modus Operandi 

 The terrorist organization gives a special importance to propaganda for the attraction of sympathizers who will have to act in line with the hierarchical order of the terrorist organization. The terrorist organization has chosen to accomplish a strategy of armed revolution against the authority. 


 The terrorist organization has paid armed attacks, shootings, arsons, cleaver-assaults, kidnappings, beatings and made acid-attacks on women not dressed in an Islamic manner. The terrorist organization has methodically applied to premeditated brutal torture techniques. 

 Major Attacks 

 The terrorist organization’s targets vary from PKK members and sympathizers to the members of other religious movements. The terrorist organization has also kidnapped businessmen for ransom, in which torturing, questioning and murdering and burying were later discovered following the police raids.

A total of 696 people were killed and 434 people were injured in the terrorist organization’s attacks and other activities until 2003. Main actions of the terrorist organization are as follows: 

 - Murder of a Member of Parliament (1993),

 - Kidnapping and murdering a female author (1998),

 - Kidnapping and murdering a Muslim religious figure (1999),

 - Assassination of Diyarbakır Police Commissioner together with (5) police officers (2001). 

 Financial Resources 

 The money collected from the sympathizers, extortion, donations and fees, sales of magazines and CDs are main financial resources of the terrorist organization. Kidnapping businessmen, illegal smuggling of goods and other commodities are also among the incomes of the terrorist organization in recent years.

 Activities Abroad 

 Europe is an important safe haven for the Hizbullah terrorist organization after the leading members of them fled to Europe following the operations conducted after 2000. They carry out their propaganda, financial and recruitment activities through non-governmental organizations in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. Germany has particular importance in this context.