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DHKP/C (Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front)



 DHKP/C is a terrorist organization based on Marxist-Leninist ideology. The ultimate goal of the DHKP/C is to overthrow the existing regime in Turkey by a violent revolution and to establish a system based on Marxist-Leninist principles. 

 Structure of the Terrorist Organization 

 DHKP/C is active both in Turkey and abroad as its two main domains. As an effect of successful and conclusive operations against the terrorist organization across the country, DHKP/C has decided to move its centre to European countries where Turkish people densely live. The terrorist organization continues its activities through some associations in these countries. 

 Modus Operandi 

 DHKP/C terrorist organization theoretically accepts PASS (Politicized Military War Strategy) to reach its goal of changing the regime and therefore believes in a revolution to develop out of a public riot upon armed struggle in urban and rural areas. American, European and Israeli companies and enterprises are also among the targets of DHKP/C since they are considered by the terrorist organization as the assets of global imperialism. 


 DHKP/C has used several tactics in the form of armed attacks, such as assassinations, suicide bombings and bomb traps which are still maintained among the terrorist organization’s attempts. DHKP/C also organizes massive violent demonstrations, particularly on special days with political and ideological sense. 

 Major Attacks

• September 29, 1994 Assassination of Former Minister: The former Minister of Justice was assassinated by DHKP/C militants in his law office in the very center of Ankara on September 29, 1994. The terrorist organization claimed the responsibility, publicizing itself. 

 • January 9, 1996 Sabancı Holding Assassination: A member of SABANCI Holding Management Board, one of the leading company holdings in Turkey, The General Manager of TOYOTA-SA and the secretary were killed by (3) DHKP/C members in SABANCI Business Centre in Istanbul on January 9, 1996.

 • 2009 Suicide Bombing: A suicide bomb attack, targeted at another one of the Former Ministers of Justice, was executed at Bilkent University in Ankara on April 29, 2009. The suicide attacker tried to activate the bomb; the fuse exploded but the main explosive did not, and the attack failed. The search of the body of attacker has revealed 8 kg of explosives and a sawn-off 7, 65 mm caliber pistol. 

 • In 2010, (2) DHKP-C members, planning to execute a sensational terrorist attack on behalf of the terrorist organization, were arrested with 3 guns with one muffler and bullets. 

 Financial Resources 

 In order to finance its activities, the terrorist organization gets involved in racketeering and money extortion from Turkish citizens living abroad, particularly in Europe, besides obtaining money from sympathizers in Turkey. DHKP/C also makes income from its publications and creates other revenues through concerts, parties, picnics and other social activities. Drug trafficking is also known to be among the financial resources of DHKP/C. 

 Activities Abroad 

 DHKP/C carries out such kinds of activities of it as propaganda, recruitment and financing through several associations, cultural centers and press organizations established in European countries. Such facts that a warranted complicit in Sabancı assassination lived in Europe for a long time and the former leader of DHKP/C who died in 2008 had managed the terrorist organization from Europe show that foreign connections has a vital importance for DHKP/C. It is also considered that DHKP/C has in recent years tried to illegally transfer its members to Turkey through European countries in order to re-activate its actions in the country.